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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are walks?

-Walks are a minimum of 20 minutes for your pup.


My dog was out of the house for an hour.  How come?

-While our walks last a minimum of 20 minutes we may have your pup(s) for about an hour.  This includes pick-up and drop-off for all of the dogs we have on that particular walk.


Will you let me know when you arrive, and/or when you finish?

-We will only reach out to you if we run into any issues, however, we will leave a note behind so you know we were there and what your pup did during our walk.


Do you ever cancel walks?

-Walks are only canceled in the event of extreme weather, ie: extreme cold, extreme heat, or extremely bad air days.  When we cancel walks we will still let your pup(s) out so they can do their thing.


How do you get into my home?

-Normally people will give us a copy of the key, but if you would like us to gain access any other way that is fine too.


What if I need you at my house at a very specific time?

-Unfortunately, everyday life makes it impossible to arrive at specific times.  All designated times have a 90 minute, plus or minus, window to allow us time for safe travel, feedings, water bowls, etc.


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