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We at Avenues Dog Walking love dogs (obviously!) and especially enjoy being able to do what we love for our neighbors!


We started out selling handcrafted/imported pet accessories and naturally started branching into pet services on the side as well. Now we have a tiny team of trusted employees (2) that are also residents of The Aves/Cap Hill! 


We love being a part of this community in work & play! :) 


Providing services to The Greater Avenues, Federal Heights & Capitol Hill.

About Us

Dog Walker / Groomer

Melissa is a friend to all fur babies. Her grooming schedule fills up fast!
Dog Walker / Admin / Scheduling

A dog and people enthusiast! His favorite part about this job is getting to meet the neighbors and running into the dogs when they are out in the real world with their owners. The dogs get SO excited to see friends!
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Our Team
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